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Harar without Hararis Harar without Hararis

What began in the middle of 2018 as nightly chants of “ciao, ciao Adare” (‘goodbye Harari’), pack your bags, ...

Harar News

Harar's Hyena Man Harar's Hyena Man

Seeing the Hyena Man communicate on some level with unpredictable wild hyenas. The Story I've heard of some strang ...

Harar News

Harari Day [Harari Moy] - 2012 Harari Day [Harari Moy] - 2012

International Harari day 2012 [Harari Moy 2012] videos are available. The video includes the opening ceremony of the ...

Harar News

Malasay Hashim Idris - report Malasay Hashim Idris - report

On April 22, 2011, the death of Malasay Hashim Idris has been announced. The full content of the news and related iss ...

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Harari re-elects Murad Abdulhadi Harari re-elects Murad Abdulhadi

The fourth round inaugural session of the Harari State Council on Thursday re-elected with unanimous vote Murad Abdul ...

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Harari State licenses investors Harari State licenses investors

The Harari State Trade, Industry and Urban Development Bureau said it has issued licenses to investors with 77 mil ...

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League members pledge to GTP League members pledge to GTP

Central Committee members of the Harari National League (HNL) have expressed their readiness to efficiently implement ...

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The Sherif Harar City Museum The Sherif Harar City Museum

On 24 December 2008, the Sherif Harar City Museum, located within the walled Jugol of Harar, Ethiopia, celebrated t ...

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15th HSCF  festival in Toronto 15th HSCF festival in Toronto

15th (HSCF) Harari Sport and Cultural Festival celebration is underway in the city of Toronto, This year’s even ...

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Harar- The walled town Harar- The walled town

The town of Harar dates from before the thirteenth century. Its strategic location between the coastal lowlands an ...

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Message from the President Message from the President

It was 120 years ago that our forefathers fought with valor at the battle of Chelenqo. That was to preserve their s ...

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History Of Harar History Of Harar

Harar (var, Harrar, Harir, Harer; Somali: Adari ) is an eastern city in Ethiopia. The capital of the modern Harari et ...

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