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Gêywâ Gêy Usu'uw Manêrale
Ziqânana Wixni -
Sây Harari

Harari Radio - Sây Xaba

Saay xaba - Harari radio program , every Friday live at 8:00PM Melbourne time.

Sây xaba , Kullu Juma Ôrti 8:00-9:00 Melbourne saabe yiqarbizâl mihrîrânta.

Harari Language

Through the support of Vicnet we developed the Latin, Sabean and Arabic scripts for Harari language. Harari Sinân (ሐረሪ ሲናን) Vicnet girgârabe xab Zâya

Harari Newsletter - Sây War

Saay Newsletter - a quartely bulletin about community activities, news, report, trivia and more. Sây War Gâzêxa - Waqtiya Hâsâwâchwa zimsasalu khabarâch.

Listen to the best Harari music, Harari Zikri (mawlûd) and Harari Audio collections from old classical to the new released albums. We are very much delighted to bring you these collections and would like to thank our Harari artists for keeping us entertained and for playing thier part in maintaing the beautiful, vibrant Harari culture.

We have a collection of Harari YouTube videos. The aim is to have a central Harari video page where all Hararies could come and select the video of thier choice. Please feel free to contact us in improving the page. Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.

abdusamad_abdosh Zigal Nadur Harari radio program Aljazeera Abdalla Sharif – Museum 1965 harari music
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Harari Sumâch (Lijâch)

Harari Sumâch (Qahatâch)

Harari Laqab Sumâch

Gey Tôya Sumâch - ጌ'ይ ቶየ ሱማች

The latest Harari news from Harar, Ethiopia and arround the world. We will provide news links and news articles concerning Harar and Harari people.

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About Us

Australian Saay Harari Association is a non profit, ethnically based, social organization based in Melbourne, Australia.

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