ETV mistakenly airs unedited interrogation video of Abubeker


ETV mistakenly airs unedited interrogation video of Abubeker
ETV mistakenly airs unedited interrogati

A week with wicked Ethiopian Government owned Television nationwide drama, abduction, imprisonment and intimidation of Muslim citizens has been intensified throughout Ethiopia. Amid this ongoing drama, the infamous lie-factory ETV has announced the Muslim version AKELDAMA has been acted on.

According to the laweyer, the Government owned television station brodcaseted a documentory film countraty to the verdict by the ethiopian high court's order not to do so.

This action not only violate the individuals human rights, It undermines the high court and the constitution of the land. which puts the entire Democratic System of the country under a very serious spot.

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Watch bellow the ETV brodcast - on 05/02/2013

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