The Sherif Harar City Museum


The Sherif Harar City Museum

On 24 December 2008, the Sherif Harar City Museum, located within the walled Jugol of Harar, Ethiopia, celebrated the opening of its permanent exhibition.  

The Sherif Harar City Museum’s collection was founded by the museum’s current curator, Mr. Abdulah Ali Sherif, who has painstakingly acquired regional cultural objects since the early 1990s. A significant part of the collection was donated to the museum by members of the Harari community who entrusted the care of their heritage objects to Mr. Sherif.


Permanent exhibitions of the Sherif Harar City Museum include items from the following regional groups: Harari, Oromo, Amhara, Gurage, Somali and Argobba groups. The collection includes everyday items such as textiles, jewelry, coins, basketry and weaponry. A rich archive of historically significant manuscripts and music recordings are also on display.  

The Sherif Harar City Museum received financial and technical assistance from the UNESCO/Norwegian Funds in Trust Cooperation project "Preservation of the Collection for the Cultural Heritage of the Harar City Museum". This included support for the renovation of the Ras Tafari House (which hosts the museum), the making of an inventory of the collection, purchase of equipment, exhibition design and training of museum staff.

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