22 cabinet ministers have been approved by Ethiopian Parliament


22 cabinet ministers have been approved by Ethiopian Parliament

Prime Minister Abiy twitted" PM presents his proposal for members of the Council of Ministers during the HOPR session today. From 22 Ministerial portfolios, three proposed leaders represent competing political parties. #Ethiopia's new beginnings is marked by commitment to inclusivity."


The list of Prime Minister Abey's newly appointed ministers:
1. Mr Demeke Mekonen - FDRE vice prime minister and foreign affairs minister
2. Dr. Abraham Belay - Ministry of Defense
3. Mr. Ahmed Shide - Ministry of Finance
4. Mrs. Muferiat Kamil - Minister of Work and Skills
5. Mr. Umer Hussein - Ministry of Agriculture
6. Engineer Aisha Mohammed - Minister of Mesno and Kolama areas
7. Dr. Engineer Habtamu Etefa - Ministry of Water and Energy
8. Professor Birhanu Nega - Ministry of Education
9. Mrs. Dagmawit Moges - Ministry of Transport and Logistics
10. Mr. G / Meskel Chala - Minister of Commerce and Directors
11. Mr. Melaku Alebel - Minister of Industry
12. Mr. Binalf Andualem - Minister of Peace
13. Dr. Gedion Timothyos - Ministry of Justice
14. Dr. Lia Tadesse - Ministry of Health
15. Mr. Belete Molla - Minister of innovation and technology
16. Ambassador Nanise Chale - Tourism Minister
17. Mr. Lake Ayalew - Ministry of Revenues.
18. Ms. Chaltu Sani - Ministry of Urban and Foundation Development
19. Engineer Takele Uma - Minister of mining
20. Dr. Fitsum Assefa - Ministry of Plan Development
21. Dr. Ergogie Tesfaye - Ministry of Women and Social Affairs
22. Mr. Kejela Medasa - Ministry of Culture and Sports

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has appointed the former head of war-hit Tigray’s interim administration as defence minister, one of several shake-ups in his new government’s 22-member cabinet.

Berhanu Nega, head of the Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice party (Ezema), was nominated as minister of education. Belete Mola, chairman of the National Movement of Amhara, was named minister of innovation and technology.

Together, the two parties won nine seats in Ethiopia's 544 seats. Abiy won 410 seats; elections in other seats were delayed.

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