Norwegian Embassy staff visits Harar Regional State.


Norwegian Embassy staff visits Harar Regional State.

During the weekend all staff of the Embassy visited the ancient city of Harar Harar, as a city in its own rights is more than a 1000 year old. while as a most reverred place of educational training for muslims it can be traced back to the 7th century. Thus Harar is considered as Islam's 4th most holy city, after only Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem.  

The staff of the Embassy visited some of the most treasured places of the old Stone Town of Harar, considered as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The old town museum, another museum showing a traditional Harar stone house, the well known five gates of Harar as well as the Arthur Rimbaud Museum commemorating the French author's 10 year stay in the town. Also the staff walked the narrow cobbled stone roads of the city and its colourful markets where the original inhabitants of Aderi peacefully trade with Oromos, Somalis and other Ethiopian peoples as well as traders from Djibouti, Yemen and beyond.

The President of Harar Murad Abdullahi took time off from a busy schedule to meet the Embassy and the sightseeing was arranged by the President's office.

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