The Harari day celebration vibe , pre- July 4 2012


The Harari day celebration vibe , pre- July 4 2012
harari Day 2012

Harari day meetings are held across the world. Addis-Ababa had its fare share on planning  on how and what to do on the day...planning and planning  a head for their guests.


Harari day Meeting in Addis Abeba -(1) April 23, 2012

According to the recent activities, Hararians are getting ready to keep the promises they made five years ago when they visited Harar (for some of them) for the first time in 20, 30, even more years.


Harari day Meeting in Addis Abeba -(2) April 23, 2012


They all promised to go back to their home land every 5 years for years to come, and it looks like they kept their promises .

One could only comprehend the feeling went through the minds of those people who went back to their home land after all these years.

Some of these people admired the work of God (Allah) by saying to each other, see...we were forced to go out of our home land by evil forces years ago. We suffered, had to cross deserts, became refugees in so many countries, lost many of our friends and families on the way, but now, we are back with lots of kids of our own...the mothers and the grandmothers, the fathers and the grand fathers of those who flee that killer regime were in tears just to see this day come true, a reunion day for those young people who left their home land but just returned fathers and mothers themselves.

And this year, 2012, 5 years after their last visit, they will all be back to their home land to celebrate, visit their relatives, to see the development and actively participate in what is happening in their country and most of all to pay respect to their deceased and/or loved ones and be grateful to their God, who made all these come true.

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