Australian Sây Harari Afôcha celebrated Eid Aladha 2010


Australian Sây Harari Afôcha celebrated Eid Aladha 2010
Australian Sây Harari Afôcha Eid celebration

This year (2010), the Australian Sây Harari Association celebrated the Arafa festival (Eid-Al Adha or Eid of Sacrifice) on the 27th of November. The location was at a community centre in Braybrook, Melbourne.

The day started early for the organising committee who were busily preparing the site for the performances that were to come for the day. Although the day was rained out for outdoor sports activities that were planned, indoor activities such as storytelling and egg-and-spoon races proved a great success and the young participants had a great time with these events.

The main stars of the day were the Qurangey students, ranging from pre-schoolers to high school students. Some of the performances included

  1. Recitation and translation of the Quran (Surat As-Saffat),


  2. traditional songs (‘Nay Shagga Wâliyêy’, ‘Adiyây’, ‘Way Lalê Say Lalê’), Dabâl,


  3. the story of Prophet Ibrahim/Abraham (Peace be Upon Him),


  4. re-enactment of one of the rites of the pilgrimage to Mecca (circumambulating around the Ka’bah),

    Meca Xewaf

  5. and finally, the performance of one of the songs made famous by Adib Abdôsh by a six year old star – complete with Adib’s customary swagger.

    Meca Xewaf

It was clear that the youngsters enjoyed themselves, and the parents and adults also revelled in watching the performances that were on display. There was much planning involved for many weeks leading up to the event, and without the keen hard work put in by the Afocha members involved in this venture, the day would not have been the great success that it was. All in all, it was a fantastic time had by all and everyone was left looking forward to the next event on the calendar.


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