President Murad's visit


President Murad's visit

The honorable President - Murad Abdulhadi and the honorable ambassador - Mahdi Gadid have visited Australia for 10 days.

On celebrating this special occasion, the Australian sây Harari Association has organized a half day ceremony. The ceremony involved children’s activities, presentation on sây harari Community-center project and about the new “Harari Language software” which were believed to have taken the two guests by surprise.

On the occasion sây harari afocha members raised a total amount of $ 200,000 (more than two hundred thousand Australian dollar or 1.5-1.8 Million Ethiopian Birr) on fund raising for “Harar rebuilding project” which was initiated by the president himself.

President Murad Abdulhadi stated that  he was both pleased and surprised by the activates of the sây harari Afocha and he further emphasized how “afocha” played an important role in maintaining the cultural heritage and values of Hararians for hundreds of years.
The honorable President Murad Abdulhadi closed his remarks by saying “If I lived in Australia, I would have applied for sây Harari Afocha membership” which was applauded by all present.


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